Pune United Football Academy (P.U.F.A) is dedicated to the development of young footballers.

At PUFA we ensure that all sessions conducted are of the highest quality in accordance with The FA. (Football Association of England)

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Founder’s Note

A warm welcome is extended to all who want to be involved in the sport. It’s been a journey; my love for this game has never died ever since I kicked the ball the first time. From representing school, college and club to just having a kick about, I was and still remain passionate about the game. The primary purpose of starting the Academy was to give back to the sport what it has given me and share my passion of the most beautiful sport in the world with those who want to be part of it. Our priority is to ensure the development of every child attending our training programme. Through our training programme, we are able to provide participating children with the platform to be taught all the fundamental aspects of the game without detracting from the fun and enjoyment of the programme, which remains the most important factor. We look forward too seeing children, parents and coaches enjoy and benefit from attending Pune United.

Aims & Objectives

To raise the technical and footballing skills of youngsters to he highest standards by providing quality coaching.

To provide the best facilities and equipment to enhance their footballing provisions.

To develop motivate, self discipline, social skills and self confidence.

Promote and support good outcomes in terms of health and football development for its students.

To enable parents and members of the player’s family to be as involved as far as is practicable in a working partnership with the Academy.



I strive as a coach to provide an environment where my players can improve their soccer skills , learn the lessons that only a competitive team sport can teach , and most importantly , enjoy the experience enough that they will stay involved with the game , in some capacity, for the rest of their lives.

  • We are 150 experts around the world
  • Our future goals unclude the hiring of +50 developers
  • 6h/day working plan
  • Remote working available





WE ARE Pune United Football Academy

Pune United Football Academy (P.U.F.A) is dedicated to the development of young footballers.